Petroteq Energy Inc.’s One-of-a-Kind Technology Makes It One of the Most Environmentally Friendly Oil Companies

If the world were to keep going at its usual rate of carbon emissions, this livable climate wouldn’t last for long. Several steps must be taken to preserve it, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminate what has already been released into the atmosphere. This is why businesses are now encouraged to implement carbon-neutral and carbon-negative initiatives. This is most significant to oil and gas production companies.

The reason for that is because oil extraction plants are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. This is why efforts to transition to renewable sources are so important. However, these alternatives aren’t sufficient to power the country’s economy. This adds to the oil companies’ responsibility to produce adequate energy and, at the same time, progress towards environment-friendly operations.

Among the most innovative oil companies that have already made a step towards providing a solution to global warming is Petroteq. It has revolutionized the industry by engineering an eco-conscious innovation that allows the company to execute its environmental stewardship. This was done through the invention of Petroteq’s clean oil recovery technology (CORT) and the design of its ESG strategy.

The first feature and benefit of CORT is its zero-water-consumption element. Instead of using several thousands of gallons of water for the oil sand extraction process, specially designed, non-toxic solvents are utilized. This has resulted in 2.0 to 2.5 BBLs of water saved compared to traditional methods. And as the majority of these solvents are recycled, no wastewater will be emitted to tailings ponds.

Tailings ponds are essentially engineered dams made to hold waterborne refuse material from the oil sand extraction process. The wastewater contained inside this structure is made with a combination of residual bitumen, compounds, and other solvents that are considered toxic to nearby plants and organisms. However, with Petroteq’s CORT, this will no longer be a problem.

If a different solvent is used instead of water, then where is this alternative liquid disposed of? The answer is nowhere. Rather than being disposed of into some dam, it’s subjected to high temperatures and converted to vapor. This will then be condensed into its liquid form again and recycled through the process with fresh ore. The result is approximately 95% of the solvent being conserved and stored for future use.

What’s more, the oil sand ore collected by the system during the extraction process is crushed into three-quarters of an inch in size and moved into different storage. There, the mass will be mixed with special solvents and separated from the liquid that will be vaporized. By the time the sand is discharged from the system, it’s already remediated and cleaned by removing the hydrocarbons and solvents that were mixed in.

This process extracts oil without consuming water and turning it into the toxic liquid contained in tailings ponds. The sand is also remediated, and the solvents used in the process are recycled. Besides not consuming resources and harming the environment, Petroteq’s CORT also leads to 60% to 75% less carbon dioxide emissions per barrel.

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