Noble 33- a lifestyle hospitality company to elevate your dining experience:

Mikey Tanha is the chief executive officer of Noble 33, a lifestyle hospitality organisation that overlooks the top high energy fine dining restaurants globally. This amazing initiative was implemented by Mikey along with Tosh Berman. Together, they had opened ‘The Madera Group’ as well. It is a restaurant company that managed to build around 22 restaurants in a span of just five years. The company earned around $100m in revenue per year. In August this year, The Madera Group announced the launch of Noble 33. They aim to expand their business further in West Hollywood, Toronto, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Dubai within a span of three years. 

Mikey Tanha is undoubtedly a hard worker who always believed that the reason people work hard is to travel to new places, meet with close friends, enjoy time with others and so on. “What I realized was that these moments often occurred at restaurants and hospitality venues.  Whether it’s at a lounge in Miami, or at a beach club restaurant in the Mediterranean, or at a social dining venue here in Los Angeles, I always found that the best moments in life have been “dining with friends. And so that became my mantra”, added Mikey. This is how he and Tosh Berman came up with the idea of Noble 33. In other words, they started a business in something they truly love, social dining, and provide other people with the same ecstatic experience with their loved ones. 

Noble 33 is unlike your average lifestyle hospitality company. It enriches the experience of guests by providing lip-smacking food. When you eat at their restaurants, you will feel nice as they only use sustainable and organic ingredients for making food. This is done in order to emphasize the health of their guests. Besides food, the company also organises theatrical performances, DJ and instrumental performances every single night for the entertainment of their guests. Thus, it offers an unparalleled dining experience that goes beyond just food. 

One thing that Mikey learnt from all this is to pursue what you love. When people do what they love, the excitement and motivation drive them towards educating themselves more. This is exactly what happened in the case of Mikey Tanha as well. He says, “When you do what you love, you are always happy.” This is to all the aspiring people out there who wish to make a name for themselves. 

In case you wish to know about Mikey Tanha and his company, connect with him below: 

Instagram: @mikeythegoat



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