Andrew Arteaga- an inspiration to the youth all over the world:

The tattoo artist, who is regarded as one of the most skilled artists in the tattoo industry in Los Angeles. Andrew. He has an impressive clientele of famous celebrities and rappers and more than thousands of satisfied clients with impressive complete tattoo work, that leave the viewers in awe.

With an impressive celebrity clientele and thousands of completed pieces that will leave any viewer in awe, there is no question why Arteaga is noted among the elite. Creativity has flowed from his mind for as long as he can remember, and he enjoys all forms of art, from music to drawn pieces. Arteaga’s passion for music sparked his drive to create physical art, and throughout his time in middle school and high school, he had won several drawing competitions. As Andrew’s passion for art continued to grow, his family began discouraging his artistic aspirations as they did not believe it could translate to a “real” career. However, even with several other hurdles along the way, including a two-year stint in prison, Andrew has pursued his talent and passion for art with a professional career as a celebrity tattoo artist. Andrew believes that all the challenges he has faced in his life have moulded him into what he is today. ” I use the bad times as fuel to push me to the next level and that’s how I’ve overcome every situation. I don’t fall back I stumble forward,” says Andrew.

His story is a reminder to those who believe in dedication and consistency for their passion and path to successful happy lives. Furthermore, his life is also an inspiration, motivation and reminder to the demotivated people. Especially, those who are constantly searching for get rich get fame, get success quick schemes. Perseverance comes over everything else, also the willingness to fail and learn. He states, “I stand out because my drive is incomparable and my motivation has always been to the roof people love that and have to support that since day one.” He adds on to this by advising, “To all the youth that are tired of hearing ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’ it really is true, so don’t stop what you’re doing, take it to the top, take everything!!”

Andrew Arteaga is truly an inspirational person who has made the best of the situation and instead turned his failures into stepping stones to success. 

Make sure to check out his incredible works by clicking the links below



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