Painting out her passions- Alexandra Squire:

DC-based abstract artist Alexandra Squire is a very simple and normal person who followed her passion and never regretted it, whereas she even succeeded in it. Starting from very scratch, she left behind her career in the media to follow something which is totally out of the box and unplanned. The hard work and effort she put in is something that is visible through her work. As art is one of her pillars for survival, she took efforts to build herself in that profession and even flourish so well, in spite of being a mother to two children. But all the contributions and efforts have proved to be of worth.

However, the hurdles didn’t end here. Trying different techniques in art and working on them was a real struggle. She says working with resin was quite a task. It requires patience and firmness to get a successful result. Starting with painting in the wood letting it dry then resin it each layer and putting then putting sand in that layer was a lot of work to do and not forgetting about the accuracy of the mixture proportion in each resin. She further says it used to take on an average of 6 weeks to complete every piece with fineness. In spite of all the risk and tie process, she had faith that it is worth taking the path. “My resin pieces are admired for their ability to be both simple and deceivingly complex.  I explore the process of slowly blending darker colours with others that lighten them.  This exercise in patience and precision is a reminder that we cannot rush growth – it comes about in its own organic way, unencumbered by deadlines and force.” says Alexandra.

Her paintings get sold out as soon as they are launched. She definitely has a loyal base of customers who are regularly on the lookout to collect her incredible art pieces. Her newest collection is named “Structured” by her. The paintings are layered with resin and are rich and deep. She envisions her paintings on the walls of customers way before even the first stroke of colour touched on the canvas. Alexandra makes sure that her customers are happy with the purchase, for this very reason she goes the extra mile to satisfy the customer needs and wants. This talented abstract artist surely deserves your attention. 

Alexandra still has a lot more talent to express and many parts of her individuality she wishes to explore through art. If you want to know more about Alexandra Squire and her fine artwork you can check out her social media handle (link down below)




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