Kartik Anand is a leading entrepreneur in India, let us see what makes this man an inspiration.

Kartik Anand is the Founder & Executive Chairman at XDBS Corporation, a US-based B2B marketing solutions company. The inception of this company commenced back in 2012 and the organization has grown by great proportions ever since. In fact, XDBS is now deemed as one of the largest and fastest growing companies of its kind on a worldwide scale.

The success of XDBS, however, was simply the beginning of Kartik’s entrepreneurial journey. Soon, Kartik ventured into brand creation and ideation, while also making early-stage investments in various companies that are sprawled across industrial avenues like online media, automobiles, technology, hospitality, gaming & entertainment, manufacturing, food, and retail. Kartik’s hunger for detailed process execution in each avenue has certainly bolstered his organization’s position in the market. Having faced this positive rate of growth so far, the group is now over 2000 people strong who run respective operations from and across 6 locations spread across the globe.

XDBS Corporation announced the expansion of its B2B marketing with the addition of digital marketing services. Working with B2B and regional businesses with focused needs, XDBS will leverage its strong capabilities across integrated marketing to enhance and elevate brands’ marketing efforts, ensuring best-in-class digital ecosystems that drive results. “Every organization can benefit from a strategic digital program – yet, budget and scale are often barriers to entry. We want to allow every company to leverage innovative integrated marketing solutions to drive their business and elevate brand awareness,” said Mr. Kartik Anand, CEO and Executive Chairman of XDBS.

Kartik has a strong sense of leadership essence in his personality. He says, “As a leader, I have focused on guiding the business trajectory, including all aspects from funding, strategy, resourcing & foremost – ensuring an employee friendly culture”. 

Today’s youth who are trying to break free from a 9-5 pattern of life surely have a lot to learn from Mr. Kartik’s entrepreneurial skills. Under his leadership, the companies have flourished and he still has a long way to go in his career. He serves as an inspiration to our country and makes us believe that we are capable of creating something so huge which is being acknowledged worldwide. There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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