Here’s all you need to know about explorer and content creator Dakota Wint’s journey across the globe:

Dakota Wint’s first exploits into the world of “taboo” began with a year studying the different sects of Yoga in India. Eventually meeting a group of human-eating-cannibals, in the holy city of Varanasi, called ‘The Aghori’, along with earning and discovering more about them, he has made a short documentary released on his YouTube channel called “Holy Men of The Dead”

After an intriguing experience in India, Dakota travelled to the Middle East, to learn about the mystical side of the Abrahamic religions. Here he retraced the footsteps of Moses and Jesus, from Turkey to Egypt, to Israel, Palestine and Jordan. He also shares his life-changing and says “Here I was arrested by the Israel Military at gunpoint for wearing a t-shirt that says “Palestine ‘’ while I was inside Hebron, Palestine, just outside Gaza. A life-changing experience, and quite a spiritual one, just not in the way I was expecting.”

After the Middle East, he moved to Peru, where he has spent 6 months living amongst an Amazonian tribe called the Shipibo. The Shipibo are a visionary shamanic and ritualistic group of people living in the remote jungles in a few different areas like Iquitos or Pulculpa. The Shipibo are the heirs to a mystical world of plant magic – having an extensive catalogue and knowledge of the medicinal plant species from their area, often referring to the jungle as their “farmacia” or pharmacy. 

He found himself in Mexico on and off for nearly 2 years, where he is currently living, learning about the shamanic practices found in the indigenous communities there. Dakota spent a significant amount of time with the Mazatecas of Oaxaca, the lineage of famous healer Maria Sabina – who arguably introduced the mainstream world to the psychedelic experience and a profound “alternative” way of healing. 

From Oaxaca, he moved north into Sonora, where the indigenous Seri people live. There, they recently discovered a psychedelic toad with a powerful substance within its back glands known as 5meo DMT. Finally, leading to his last quest of meeting the Wixarikas or the Huicholes – the Peyote eating tribe of Mexico. Apart from that, he has spent a month and a half living with Marakame (spiritual healer) Don Juan from a small community in Jalisco. 

Dakota Wint has discovered there is more to learn about this world, especially spiritually, as a result of his interactions with many tribes and his participation in their rituals. He’s also delighted to be able to share the experiences of these native groups with the broader audience. In case you wish to know more about these stories, follow Dakota Wint on:






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