Find out about NYC Luxury and its star employee- Michael Oshinaya:

NYC Luxury was founded by Gavriel D and is partners with Izzy A. With the increase in the trend of Customized jewellery in the fashion industry, the competition among jewellery stores has become quite fierce. So, to survive in this industry, one needs to have an exquisite taste in making unique jewellery. NYC Luxury is one such store where you can simply find a wide range of qualities and prices for different Jewellery pieces. The store is managed by a team of six people. The team of six includes Gavriel D, Izzy A, Moses D, Michael, Eden B and Tyler J. Izzy and Gavriel works hard to maintain the trust of the customer by satisfying them with the final product of their jewellery pieces.

Michael Oshinaya, one of the members of NYC LUXURY. Black people have been oppressed for many decades. Racism is no more considered a silent treatment and people have started acknowledging the white supremacy that exists within society since the British era. Thereby, being an outsider and trying to build his way into an industry dominated by a community that he was not from, and that has provided generational wealth for a small group of people off the patronage of his community was not an easy task. He is trying to position himself as one of the only black faces seen in the industry yet still rising to be one of the premier names within the space.

Michael says that the first known person he got to work with is RichTheKid & Famous Dex, where they came to buy a Full Diamond Patek & a Full Diamond AP from him in Spring 2017.  

The store creates jewellery pieces like gold chains, necklaces, pendants, watches, bracelets, earrings and rings. Their ability to create the jewellery pieces exactly as the client’s expectation makes them renowned in this industry. Their wide collection of watches, pendants ad necklaces have never failed to impress their customer. They are one of the only stores in the whole market that provides exceptional quality at an amazing price range. 

He specifies that the best thing about working at NYCLuxury is being a part of a team of young entrepreneurs that are trailblazers in the industry. Mentioning NYC luxury, he mentions that it is Well read, travelled, passionate. He also says it to be down to earth, sincere, sophisticated.

Get to know more about NYC LUXURY by visiting their website:

You can also follow them on Instagram-

If you want to book an appointment with them or for any kind of queries, you can also Call 833-434-1993 or Email:

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