Read about Bilal Junaid’s journey to the top as a venture capitalist:

Bilal Junaid started his career as a software engineer. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering in 2014 he started his career with some of the biggest companies, Amazon being one of them. He worked in amazon web services, in distributed systems and what’s even more impressive is that he landed this deal while he was still in college. He even bagged an opportunity to work for a startup company that was funded by Accel. If you are not aware of Accel, it is a top Valley VC firm.  Prezi hired him as a senior engineer in San Francisco for four years. Working with these significant firms exposed him to the real venture capital and tech world. Bilal was able to gather the knowledge and expertise to run a company. He is thriving today and living life on his terms. He always wanted to live a nomadic life and has been successful to turn his dreams into reality.

A determined engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset, Bilal established his own Venture Capital firm in Silicon Valley. His firm Genblock Capital is one of the first to invest in over 120 companies such as Polkadot, FTX, Solana, APY Finance, Manta Network, Claystack and others. Bilal has given more than $30 million to countless tech companies through his fund. These companies are located all over Asia, United States and the EU. He has a fond interest in AR/VR and the Blockchain Industry. He believes that Blockchain Technology will soon dominate the business industry in the near future. Bilal has worked in the tech business industry for several years.

Bilal has always excelled at every undertaking. He was even the topper of his Engineering class at the University of Waterloo. His passion and drive to outdo himself every day has always resulted in success. The expert believes in the fact that in order to achieve success, aspiring Entrepreneur needs to have faith in themselves and always be active with the ongoings in the industry. One has to put in extensive effort and time because turning ideas into reality takes patience and hard work.

There is definitely a lot more with which you can learn about Bilal Junaid and his fund Genblock Capital. If you want to take a peek into Bilal Junaid’s personal life and his achievements in the Valley you can follow him on the link given below:


If you want to know more about the work that Genblock Capital does and wish to see more updates check them out on:





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