Sobia Shaikh takes a fresh take on being an influencer with her blog “Shaikhen And Stirred”.

With quotes such as “Believe in yourself!”, “Follow your gut.”, “Take criticism into account but do not let it overshadow your efforts.”, “Power on, especially if you believe in yourself.” and the likes being her personal motto, anti-gender discrimination activist and lifestyle blogger Sobia Shaikh is here to bring attention to the topics that need it.

Her blog is not simply about equality, it is about all those measures that women in general and other people too should be taking to fight prejudiced and biased opinions. slut-shaming is soo prevalent that it can also be normalised by large. These are the systems that we should be fighting against, and to create awareness about this, we should spread positive information and deeper analysis of these so that once one puts logical thinking towards it, they will be able to come to the same conclusion about how harmful gender discrimination has been, and how hard it has made the life of women.

Sobia hails from Karachi in Pakistan, originally, which is why the recent Aurat Movement held there was a personal win for her. “Looking at the women March and express their thoughts with the help of placards and banners really overwhelmed me, I could not help but wonder what they must have faced in life to come up with such ideas. Obviously, I was moved positively. Pakistan was not as developed as it is presently in 1997, but in these years, it has certainly come a very long way and made a lot of progress in such areas. And all of this change is brought about by the positive energies and contributions of so many women in the country, without their efforts, we would not have been able to be as developed as we are today. I have also lived as well as worked there, but before moving to San Francisco I knew it in my heart that we would be able to bring about a great change.” Says Sobia A Shaikh.

Sobia Balances her work life as well as personal life. She loves spending time with her family and her two teenagers. Her daughter is in San Francisco and her son is at college on the East Coast. She visits both of them and loves spending time with her kids and husband. Sobia has dreams of wanting to speak fluently in French.

Check out Sobia A Shaikh’s Website: and know about her perspectives on different topics.

To stay updated about Sobia A Shaikh, follow her on the social media platforms mentioned below with links: 

Instagram: sobiashaikh

Facebook: Sobia A. Shaikh/Shaikhenandstirred

Twitter: sobia_a_shaikh

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