Shawn Meaike talks about his multi-million-dollar company and the story behind its incorporation:

Family First Life is an Independent Marketing Organization helping families with their life insurance, retirement planning and retirement protection needs. “We place the families we serve and the families of our agents first. Our goal is to have the highest-paid agents in the industry, as well as serving more families than any other IMO.”

Shawn Meaike, the founder and president of Family First Life, has graduated with a degree in Applied Social Relations, which eventually led him to a career in the State Department of Children and Families. He has completed more than 13 years in the department which is a vast experience and has to strengthen his foundation. Over the years, Shawn has learnt many things and his experience has played a vital part in the knowledge possessed by Shawn. He is a definition of hustling as he managed to work so many years alongside owning real estate property and trying to create other sources of income. He currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida with his family.

Before getting the idea of launching Family First life, Shawn worked as an independent insurance agent, selling final expense, mortgage protection life insurance at a high level for several years. After a very successful, but unfulfilling career in Social Work, he required to shift his focus on something very different in his life. And soon this feeling turned into a manifestation of wanting to help as many families as possible in a way the works for clients while not sacrificing his financial needs. He wanted a new business that allowed him to have uncapped income. 

There was also a time when the business was not doing well, but instead of shutting it down, Shawn focused on finding a solution to the problem. He says he does not believe in problems and they do not exist for him in this world. Finding a solution is the best thing and this has managed to pull Shawn out from many worse situations in life.

Family First Life is now elected by over 17,000 licensed agents in almost all 50 states with services such as marketing mortgage protection, final expense, life insurance, and annuities. Family First Life is said to have generated over $10 million in paid premium during the first year in business and in 2021, the company is predicted to reach over 600 million dollars in issued paid premium.

Shawn Meaike serves as an inspiration to everyone who might be thinking about whether they can make it or not. Below are the links to his personal social media handles for those who may be interested:

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