Searching for healthy and tasty meatless food recipes but end up getting boring food? Learn about the recipes of Dr Jessica Mack:

Dr Jessica Bretalon Mack is trending all over social media because of her delicious meatless recipes. The vegetarian, as well as the non-vegetarian folks, will be sure to love her meatless recipes. She creates recipes with love so that one stays healthy and happy. 

Jessica uploads easy, fun and new recipes on her website. She loves how her family and followers support her. “I stopped eating meat at the age of five since I was “picky”, and was always looking for healthy and filling foods.  Through college I collected recipes from magazines and books.  I am married to a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, who, fortunately, also loves vegetarian meals.  My recipes are versatile. I started this as a hobby when I was virtually bedridden.  People loved sharing my recipes and were looking for ways to incorporate meatless meals into their weekly plans.  Additionally, I wanted to share those meatless meals can be served more than simply “meatless Monday”, says Dr Jessica Bretalon Mack. 

She loves baking and cooking. She says, “I have studied food as a consumer, as a clinician, as a culinary student, and as a food blogger/content creator. As a vegetarian married to an omnivore, I learned the art of sharing the importance of reducing meat intake without telling them the pros and cons of it”.

Jessica Bretalon Mack advises people not to overthink the process they are going on right now. Rather than focusing on the end results, one should focus on the work we are putting in the effort. Jessica Mack is planning on producing a cookbook, her own cooking show and a line of cookware in the near future.

When we asked about her success, she replied that she had made several media appearances like the Emmy award-winning daytime show The Dr Oz Show, and on The Katie Couric Show, she launched a successful blog and built a successful business hosting virtual cooking classes. Recently due to pandemic situation, everyone is at home and due to this no one can also consume food from outside much, so one is spending more time in cooking and food, for them Jessica Bretalon Mack has made a website by when they can learn more about food, recipes and how it benefits one’s health.

To stay updated about Dr Jessica Bretalon Mack and her new meatless recipes, do follow her on the social media outlets (links are mentioned below):

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1


Virtual cooking classes:

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