Read about the experienced talent booker Josh Bru who is helping all the artists in his reach to improve their careers:

The man who has turned his side hustle into business is Josh Brusilovsky. He is involved in artist booking, artist management and marketing.  Josh Brusilovsky is also known as Josh Bru.  

Artists are an important part of the music industry as they deal with their clients each day planning and they help to improve and shape their music career. The work of an artist manager is to book concerts, organize marketing campaigns, help plan the album, manage social media accounts. They also take care of other management needs. For being a part of this game, one has to have attributes like passion, commitment and patience. They manage the career of artists and along with that, they provide a stage for them to climb higher and reach the top in this industry. Managing the artist’s brand, revenue streams, and managing external partnerships are all part of their work. They manage artists ’careers and provide a platform for artists to launch higher in the industry.

Josh Bru came to Chicago to study business at DePaul University. He started side hustle by doing promotions for smaller nightlife venues in the city. He started his own entertainment company and it eventually became the leading talent buyer in Chicago’s nightlife scene. He has hired over a dozen employees who marketed the events all over the college in Chicago. Josh Bru owns a premier entertainment company and has set aside more than $ 250,000 for artists for various nightlife venues in Chicago and other U.S. cities. They began collaborating with some of the most important names in the industry such as DJ Khaled, Migos, Jack Harlow, Playboi Carti, 24k Gold, Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, Travis Scott, Saweetie. According to him, a sale is successful only when it takes three to four times the cost spent on the booking artist. “This is a good metric to make money constantly.”, says Josh Brusilovsky. 

Josh has made a lot of connections with well-known people and he has also gained a lot of experience by working with different people in this industry. He has worked hard till now to reach the top and as mentioned Josh Brusilovsky promises to work with more artists to help them build their brand and market themselves in the competitive music industry.

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