Meet the millennial American fashion entrepreneur scaling new heights in the Fashion Tech Landscape: Liv Schreiber.

Liv Schreiber, The brain child behind her company “Brand Caffeine” which helps many brands gets noticed in the digital space. 

The last decade or so have been a witness to many self-driven individuals who go out of their way to prove their mettle and end up victorious to such levels that they become a huge benchmark for others to follow. Have a glance on one such amazing Fashion blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur – Lev Schreiber. Lev was inclined towards entrepreneurship since childhood and pursued ahead the legacy of family business with her profound knowledge and perfect implementation of her skills.  

As she belongs to a family where they were never allowed to say the word “Can’t”. Her parents always challenged her and her twin brother. She showed the class, skill and quality of an entrepreneur since age 10 after helping her family in their business.  She designed handbags for Latico Leathers which sold in free to people and stores nationwide. Her first handbag was featured in Garnet Hill Magazine. Today Liv is an amid Fashion blogger, stylist and Entrepreneur in New York City. 

She owns a company with her twin brother who is also the co-founder of fashion tech company creating content to build many fashion brands – “BRAND CAFFEINE”. She created the first influencer styling program in the country, styling her followers and celebrities. Her company also provides free fashion education to numerous students across the world. She has worked with companies like Revolve, Moroccanoil, Amanda, Uprichard, Casely, Sorels, Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Birdies, Steve Madden and Google. She helps in providing the necessary push and drive for her clients brands on many online platforms to attract many business opportunities for them. 

Fashion blogger Lev has huge fan following on Tik Tok and Instagram with more than over 45,000 followers. She promotes her fashion style full of energy, kindness and positivity. Her fans love her unique style and how she helps them in perfectly mastering their fashion sense. She always reminds her father advise “it takes month and years to find a customer and seconds to lose one. That is why she always prioritizes her followers and clients first. She believes in providing value to them.” For Liv they are her boss, whatever she creates is for them only. And these are the reasons for her big achievements at a very tender age.

She has been a Celebrity stylist to billionaires Jesse Itzler which has further propelled her to establish her reputation within the fashion industry. She was also a Style expert on Snapchat in 2018/19 for Refinery29.

 With many such awards and accolades Lev Schreiber is hoteling hard in life and gaining more and more recognition. Follow her on Instagram @ livschreiber. 

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