Pinar and Songul share the ins and outs of their lives after MagniSkin:

MagniSkin has been rising as a brand and is already considered the ultimate solution for people who want to have glowing and flawless skin. The two entrepreneur sisters Pinar and Songul are the main reason behind MagniSkin’s success. Having first launched MagniSkin in 2019, Pinar and Songul work day and night to build a global brand worthy of being the best. 

The sisters say, “Our dreams were always based on becoming international entrepreneurs. We have always kept up with the latest trends and our main goal is to help empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin. In order to do this, we built our own salon which includes all the latest technology in the industry to offer the best service for our clients.”

On being asked about their daily routine, The sister’s said, “Firstly, our morning routines include brushing our teeth and having a cold shower. Prepping our skin with cleanser, toner, SPF before applying our makeup and styling our hair with our go-to hair styler- the Dyson air wrap. We then begin our first treatment with clients arriving from 10am and work our way through the day until 8pm, having small 15-minute breaks between the day. During these breaks, we ensure we stay hydrated whilst creating content and editing videos to keep our feed up to date. At the end of the working day, we sit and have a meal as a family and as sisters, we spend time pampering ourselves and our skin by doing regular face masks and having herbal teas and fresh fruits. We have weekly meetings to discuss upcoming projects for MagniSkin, before heading to bed to enjoy some relaxation and sleep early- preferably before 10pm, as this is good for our body, mind and aids in certifying we are prepared for the new day ahead.” 

Whew! That sure is a hectic schedule! There is no longer any secret as to why MagniSkin has done so well compared to others in the beauty and skincare industry. It is all because of Pinar and Songul’s dedication and appreciation for their job! To date, MagniSkin has offered treatments to the likes of Lemy Beauty, Janet Joshua, Arabella Chi, Francesca Allen. Baby Gee, Sasha Pereiraa, Ellie Jones, Its Bee and Elma Pazar to name a few. They surely have a lot of potential ahead of them and are sure to rise even higher in the industry.

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