Soon To Be Available In More Cities: Top Notch Designs From Benny Da Jeweler

In your entire life, you must have come across many people who are skilled or talented in a particular field of industry, but how many of them are also popular in the celebrity world for their profound works? Not many, right?

Today we must talk about Benny Nisanov, an individual who has not only been popular among rappers and hip-hop artists, but also among athletes. Benny Nisanov has been a very influential individual, when he started his work at the age of 8, his only inspiration was his father and all that he knows today is because of what he had learned since then. The jewellery business was handed over from his father itself. This is all because of the profound services that he provides come up adding a different kind of bling to their outfits and making sure that they have a signature look or custom-made jewellery that is solely meant for them. Benny Nisanov makes sure to deliver not just luxury jewellery, but also customized ones that have his very own artistic touch along with everything that the celebrity has ever wanted.

In fact, the very first time he got noticed was in 2016 when he managed to sell four custom jewellery pieces to Casanova, who made sure to express the admiration that he had towards him along with the rest of the world. And since then, his business has been booming quite a lot and there is no stopping him.

We have always known the entertainment industry for setting trends, whatever they decide, the people all around trying to follow it to a great extent, adapting their style and also the accessories that they were regularly. In fact, Benny Nisanov contributes to setting trends besides following the trend to make jewellery pieces that are classic as well as up to date and totally in. Maybe has been contributing to top-class jewellery, collaborating with celebrities and completing projects.

Obviously, Benny Nisanov is planning to expand furthermore and provide for other retail stores across the states in the US. This is a determined plan and the project is to be carried out very soon, and although the specifications are not known about the location, we’re pretty sure that the project is going to be a complete success. make sure you stay updated and subscribe to his official accounts that have been mentioned below. Who knows, you might also find something completely out of the world and fall in love with the jewellery piece. Follow him on:


Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler


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