Nikolay Shkilev is the guru every cryptocurrency enthusiast needs to know about:

Nikolay Shkilev is an avid crypto enthusiast and is a reputed businessman with almost 20 years of experience. Over the years Shkilev has gathered plenty of honours and awards in the IT sector. Namely, the ‘Self-Made Russia award’, ‘Best ICO advisor award’ in Blockchain Life summit, ‘Super TOP award’ and many more. He is also the founder and CEO of the Private Business Club and also co-founder of ‘Top ICO advisors. Even though his business interests vary from time to time, his field of achievements is intriguing. Let’s try to unlock the mind of this successful blockchain tycoon and know what inspires him to get up every morning and own the rest of his day.

He is involved in many business ventures like FMCG, medicine, and logistics to IT technologies. Not only heading the companies but he also is known to mentor and advises to help projects succeed worldwide in the field of blockchain, ICO and STO. He implies that he receives a lot of offers to guide many projects but he makes sure to be choosy in these areas. He tries to select only the most perspective projects with has a strong team who is operating well, also he pays attention to the product too. The products should be actually worthy and not just an idea or a website. 

Nikolay admits that the first time he came across the blockchain concept, he was quick to get emerged into it. The concept was completely new to him. He had never seen something like it before. Long back he had an intuition that blockchain would be the future of his time, just like how the internet was viewed. He points out that 25-30 years ago, people did not accept the internet with open arms. They were suspicious and the business which refused internet usage are the ones who faced tremendous loss in future. 

Nikolay feels we are currently witnessing an evolution in the form of blockchain. It has no become quite common like the internet in today’s time but the trend cannot be denied and the people who are opposing this have already been proven wrong. Whosoever is quick to master this field of blockchain will become rich, hence he urges people to join the party and collect the cream as if they wait for a long time then they will miss the fun.

He is a self-made tech guru and is a mastermind in his own field. If you are planning to join blockchain and invest in it, Nikolay would serve as a great inspiration for you. His articles are all over the internet and are often seen to share dos and don’ts for the newbies.

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