Francine Gillian Garcia Is Reaching New Heights With Ju Poppin

People are not usually multi talented these days because they spend a lot of time specialising in particular fields, hence we have an individual with us today who has dedicated her entire life in not just learning about being one at the time, but also excelling at different things at the same time. Francine Gillian Garcia is a woman who was born and brought up in Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean. Since the very beginning she has been a focused child, and an individual who has been working very hard to get her education and her talents right.

To bring her educational field into view, she attended the Vessigny Government Secondary, in Trinidad. Then again, she had to complete her general equivalencyy diploma from Brooklyn College, in order to continue her higher educational classes. Obviously, her training and education was far from over and very soon she got into the hair education industry. She knew that no matter how talented she is calmer she would certainly not go very far with only skills come and she would have to develop her theoretical knowledge also in order to apply them in practical real life.

After studying in her school in San Fernando, tendered, she continued along with L’Oreal, Patrick Bradley, Matrix, Najah and a few other companies. One of her most important classes was along with Natalie, Merissa Peer and Grant Cardone. 

Even during the lockdown, Francine Gillian Garcia kept on her sling and she did not back down from working hard because her main goal was to provide for others, she has always tried to make other people happy by making use of her own talents. Her business Ju Poppin has become quite popular these days, and it is essentially known for the hair oils, scalp mist spray and also a number of other products that people have found useful for fixing their common everyday hair problems. She launched her own brand Ju Poppin in 2020 itself, and even though there was a lot of risk factor involved in doing so, she did not back down because she was sure her products are going to take the market by a storm.

One thing that is really admirable from Francine Gillian Garcia is that she loves doing her job, and she loves getting back to customers. He was featured in essence as well as Oprah magazine because of her unending efforts, spreading smiles and also a lot of valuable products that are fixing lives of many.

Get a spring in your step and in your hair, with Francine Gillian Garcia. To know more, visit her website: 

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