Here’s how Karyna Romanova became a successful DJ with hard work and her love for creativity:

Karyna Romanova is a young actress who is engaged in the filming of TV series and movies, she also plays DJ sets at happening events. Currently, she is writing her first track and its release date will be soon announced.

A few years ago, Karyna came to the United States and began to develop her DJing and along with that, she focused on her acting skills to become a good actor. This past year she has managed to make a name in the industry. She made valuable connections, learned from professionals and she started to work actively on her first projects. This summer she is actively working in the process of creating music. This gives her the inspiration to create her track.

Karyna is a creative human. She loves all different art forms. For her, Acting and modelling are ways to express her creative self to everyone. She began with modelling and now she is currently working with one of the largest modelling agencies in the United States called MMG. She inspires others and expresses herself more freely.

During the lockdown, she had a lot of free time to explore other things. She got busy producing music and learning about becoming a DJ which allowed her to meet a lot of professionals and artists. It began out of curiosity and interest. However, it became an obsession. She went to many entertainment events where she got the opportunity to get to know people in the music industry. Meeting these people gave her a lot of understanding and inspiration for her work as a DJ. She was able to learn a lot of lessons at this stage of life. Those who are willing to pursue a career as a DJ, should give importance to the things that inspire and motivate them. Maybe they won’t always have the inspiration but consistent work is crucial to achieving success.

Karyna’s identity is shaped by the positive attitude towards her work, creativity, and her unique self-expression. Through music, filming and photoshoots, she wants to inspire and motivate more people. She finds inspiration for creativity in every event in life. Karyna is consistent and trusts in herself and the process she is going through. She says that networking is very essential which helps in the long run. There will be a lot of ups and downs while you are on your way to reaching your goals but never ever quit, keep working hard.

Karyna says that the new actors must keep on improving themselves even if they are demotivated or find it challenging to reach their goal. There is no substitute for hard work.

To know more about Karyna Romanova, follow her up on Instagram:

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