An established e-commerce entrepreneur and CEO: Bryce Monkivitch.

This Australian digital entrepreneur and marketer has provided thousands of online jobs for people across the globe.

Today Social media is one the most popular and widely used platform especially in today’s such crucial time of pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and many wind-up their businesses which resulted in great loss financially as well as mentally. Now many businesses have switch to strengthen their base on social media platforms by creating online stores. Where there are numbers of buyers and sellers providing their service in online platform, although it’s a huge domain providing many opportunities to explore, it is equally risky and very competitive place as well. One must be highly skilled and knowledgeable about the market’s pros and cons, equally determined and consistent in their work to deliver desired results. 

Meet an Australian internet entrepreneur, marketing genius and world traveler–Bryce Monkivitch, who started his journey in 2017 by selling dog hats online through Facebook and Instagram using supplier for the hats from Alibaba. But as the trend for it went down, down went the business with it. Then further he propounds into selling trendy fashion to women on the platform of Shopify creating an online store by investing $5,000 which he saved by doing freelancing concrete work. His initial days of hard work and struggled has really propelled him to master the sector of e-commerce and in turn provide thousands of employment through his online stores. Today with his skill and hard work Bryce owns four female fashion brands. He sells women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear and accessories in both Australian markets and the U.S. markets. Bryce has established his own place in the market with immense success. His main brand-named “Sincere Sally” Boutique profits more than USD $1 million annually. His store competes with brands such as Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. 

Bryce also helps others to grow and establish themselves as result of this, he has built an app that hires staff all around the world as this system is highly advanced which help micro workers to grab the opportunity and make money out of it and also helps in building skills by using the online learning modules, which will also help in marketing and building businesses, thereby providing umpteen number of opportunities to people across the globe. 

Starting from scratch, Bryce today is acknowledged for his business acumen and his firm has been in top 100 fastest growing companies of Australia. This marketing genius has set a huge benchmark for millions others to follow.

For more information, visit his website and also follow on Instagram @Sinceresallyboutique. 

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