Making 6 figures at 16? Ali Saghi teaches you how to achieve the seemingly impossible:

A professional stock market trader and social media influencer, Ali Saghi is a force to be reckoned with. The 16 year old teen has already made a name for himself in this world and now has an aim of helping other youngsters of this generation to begin on their own paths to success. 

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Ali Saghi started out at the young age of 13, with a desire to find his calling and to go financially independent. The stock market was something that had always interested him, but it was a long long time before Ali began to make money off of it. It took him many hours of watching videos and doing courses to learn all he could get his hands on, and after that, many more hours of practice, with success and failure in equal measure. 

Ali Saghi being a true entrepreneur at heart, has successfully identified the gap in relevant and reliable forms of education about important issues. Gone are the days of poring through books borrowed from the library, and one can never really trust the tips given on the internet as many people are ready to spew nonsense for temporary fame. So, Ali has taken it upon himself to address this need and has started a discord server. 

Ali Saghi is now the proud creator of one of the largest discord servers which focuses on stock market trading and education, known by the name of his business profile, Luxury Equities. He started this with friend and business partner Gavin Mayo and the discord had more than 50 thousand subs within the first month of operation. For anyone wanting to join or even take a peek at his discord, the link is as 

As we had mentioned earlier, Ali is also quite a relevant social media personality. His first foray in the world of being a content creator instead of a content consumer was actually on TikTok. There are not many content channels on platforms like TikTok and Instagram who want to make a difference or have anything substantial to say, so someone with such an expertise in the world of stocks quite predictably became trending on the platform. Ali Saghi received more than 35 thousand subscribers to his TikTok in the first five months of starting it. After that he shifted his userbase from TikTok to Discord. 

From the first glance, one can make out that Ali Saghi is already a man with a good brain on his shoulders. He has lived life with an intent to always keep hustling and to try and learn from every situation you are in. This is what he advices every one wanting follow in his footsteps. Taking his own advice, Ali also has the desire to further his academic education with a degree in Corporate Law and a Masters in Business Administration.

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