16-year-old Social Media Marketer, Efthymios Savvidis is already at the top of his game:

Efthymios Savvidis also known on the internet as Makissv is a big contributor to the rising revolution of how people view the new generation. Smart and successful, with innovative ideas and a desire to make a change, he sure is a good representative for the teens of today. 

The 16-year-old teen is a professional influencer and social media marketer. His main platform for operation is Instagram, where he has over 3 million followers as of now. Earlier, only superstars such as Kylie Jenner and the likes were aware of the branding and marketing possibilities held by Instagram and as we all know, Kylie Jenner made herself a billionaire through strategic market research and advertisement. But she also did this over many years and had a whole team of professionals to help her- in other words, Kylie was just the face of the brand. 

But here’s where the difference lies in Efthymios. The teen is in himself the brand and the brains behind it. Efthymios has spent long hours pondering over Instagram algorithms and trying to crack the code, without any outside help. Failure is part of the way to success and Efthymios understands that well, this helped him to never give up otherwise he too would be stuck choosing the easier option, doing something he isn’t passionate about. Now, after so many years of trial and error, Efthymios can proudly call himself an expert at social media marketing.

Once his services began gaining traction, Efthymios Savvidis decided to take the next step and at the age of 16, started his own marketing company called “Advanced Media”. Efthymios is the founder and CEO of Advanced Media and works for hand in hand with both other companies as well as individuals. Quite a large part of Advanced Media’s clientele consists of celebrities and Instagram models. Advanced Media helps them maintain a strong online presence by managing their social media accounts and also by advertising them on his own page. 

So, how does he manage this all? At the young age of 16, when children are usually seen outside playing with their friends, Efthymios is already at a level that many people can only dream to achieve. His online personality and position of influence have helped him expand his horizons about the world and how it works. It has taught him a lot more than his peers could and Efthymios already knows how to figure out right from wrong. He has used this knowledge to help him stay away from bad influences and to instead, be kind to the world and give back to the community that has always loved and supported him. 

For more information, you can follow the young entrepreneur on Instagram at the handle @makissv. He also has his own website which you can find at http://www.efthymiossavvidis.com

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