Northside2x announces his new project, “Indie Fire Series”.

As the CEO of his brand named Indie Fire Global, he has been transforming the lives of artists and producers for the better.

All around us, what we notice is how the world has been changing and developing and how the growth of different business industries and fields have been a major contributor to this. Also, the fact that these industries are filled with many talented beings adds to its growth and progress each passing day. The music industry, especially in America, is one which has attracted the attention of the world for the kind of talents it produces every year; however, there are many who remain unknown and do not get the right platform to promote their musical talent; this is when Ralph Leon Mabone, aka Northside2x enter the picture for changing the game of music for the better.

Northside2x, just as his name is a unique music and entrepreneurial talent. This young man, all of 26 years of age, hails from Memphis, Tennessee, the US and from the beginning, music was where he found his solace. With beginning his journey at 13 years of age, producing and making music on FI Studio, gradually, he learned more and honed his skills as an artist. Later, he went ahead to work with American rapper MoneyBagg Yo and many other big names of the industry.

Northside2x recently has announced his new project named “Indie Fire Series”, which is all about giving the right platforms and featuring the deserving and upcoming artists and producers.

Today, Northside2x is an American Record Producer/Songwriter who also owns his brand named ‘Indie Fire Global’, which is rising high as a news and media website, helping artists and producers get the buzz they require around their work and music as a full-service media and PR service.

All this has propelled this young American talent much forward, not just in the hip hop music niche but also in the media and PR niche with Indie Fire Global that leaves no stone unturned to transform the lives of artists and producers for the better. To know more, follow the Instagram accounts, @iamnorthside2x and @indiefireglobal.

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