Meet Gavin Mayo, taking over the stock market niche as a true blue professional.

He is a 19-year-old stock market talent who has found his passion in educating people on financial literacy on Discord.

Isn’t it always surreal to know and learn about all those people who believe in listening to their dreams and taking pertinent actions towards the same? Well, the world is filled with many such people and knowing more about them and their true stories only encourage many others to do what their heart seeks and come out as winners in their chosen industries. The trading world is one such that has so far welcomed many such talents, but a few teenagers have come forward to totally spellbound people. Gavin Mayo is one such name who is taken over the trading space in the US with his passion for the stock markets and now has emerged as a 19-year-old successful stock market expert and educator with his brand named ‘Luxury Equities’ through which he has grown on Discord with thousands of members, whom he provides a bunch of free education, teaching financial literacy with the emphasis of stocks.

Gavin Mayo hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has experience in the industry of seven years. He began his journey while in high school at the age of 13 and little did he know then that his passion for stock markets would one day help him gain immense respect and recognition as a young stock market expert, educator and also a great content creator on YouTube, making videos relating to the trading niche.

Today, he runs one of the biggest stocks Discords in the world. Learning the endless opportunities in the stock Discords realm, Gavin Mayo decided to start on his own with his partner Ali Saghi, and together they wished to make a Discord with stocks, crypto, and the best education around. In just a month, they gained around 50,000 members. They have a variety of chats and voice channels, teaching everything about financial literacy, with an emphasis on stocks.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @gavin_mayo.

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