Nevada based company Cannabiotix is on a mission to change how the world views weed

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis company. This company was founded by two famous cannabis cultivators Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman in the year 2014. They are both set on a mission to cultivate the most premium genetics and impressive flower available in the cannabis industry on the planet. 

Neema Samari, the founder and Jeff Buchman the co-founder and the CEO of Cannabiotix are expert cultivators. They are experts in the artisanal methods of growing and harvesting superior head stash quality, with a library of heirloom genetics, craft cultivation, and pure organic products. This is a craft that cannot be mastered in a jiffy. Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman are on the High Times Top 100 influential people in cannabis. They have gained their position by the passion for the craft and their skills. They have built their authority through hours of work and through trial-and-error producing thousands of pounds. 

Cannabiotix is best in both California and Nevada. They are breeding and producing flowers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. They have built their foundation on using natural and sustainable farming techniques to cultivate unique PGR Free award-winning cannabis flowers. The team has an experience of more than a decade of growing and breeding the best quality world-class flower, they are dedicated individuals who know Mother Nature and are confidently evolving and honing their techniques to ensure that they constantly produce the best quality flowers and cannabis products possible for Cannabiotix family. 

Cannabiotix team has been with the veteran since when this particular trade was primarily underground and now, has more than 25 High Time Cannabis Cup Awards under its belt. Cannabiotix is not just a run-of-the-mill flower industry but it’s a premium product industry. It has sold over 710000 pre-rolls. Apart from this, it has over 60 flowers strains in rotation and 12 Dispensary Partners in their company. 

According to the experts of cannabis cultivation, there are three steps for the best harvest. They consider the atmosphere the most important thing for the cultivation. Do not overlook cleanliness- it is a must to invest time in your garden and do a detailed cleaning. Next, make sure to invest time in your crops while they are growing drying and curing. All the phases need detailed care and attention and the phases should not be messed up. Here the craftsmanship plays a great role, only experts can grow high quality, high quantity and handcrafted products. Cannabiotix is already 20 years in the game, the company now owned and operated by Samari who was born and raised up on the beaches of Santa Monica and had a dream to own a weed company, keeping in mind to provide friends and family with the craziest weed they have ever seen or smoked.

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