Raring to reach the top of the cannabis and hookah world is American inception named Stündenglass.

Tracey Huston is the mind behind Stündenglass, which has now been acquired by Grenco Science.

There is so much happening around us that sometimes we also feel like questioning whether the business industries that were already doing great will be able to sustain themselves amidst trying times. Well, there are too many questions and only a few answers. However, certain positive changes across a few business industries have shown a ray of light to many entrepreneurs and brands, giving them the motivation that innovations at the heart of the brand can bring about unbelievable growth and success for them. Leading other brands in the vast cannabis and hookah industry is a brand named Stündenglass, which is leaving no stone unturned to let people enter the world of innovations and help them experience the magic of glass gravity hookah.

Grenco Science, one of the leading companies today that was founded in 2012, which excels at releasing several novel vaporizers, now has acquired Tracey Huston’s Stündenglass. In a released statement, the founder and CEO of Stündenglass said that Grenco Science will only help accelerate the development of the device and include it in its global expansion plan. Stündenglass stands as a strong vision of Tracey Huston, who has been an ex-Apple employee. Tracey wanted to become a part of the modern-day business world in the hookah industry and wished to change the game of the industry for the better, which resulted in Stündenglass, meaning “Hourglass” in German.

Stündenglass has made a massive name for itself in the industry and amongst hookah lovers for creating a contactless gravity-powered device for delivering water-filtered smoke. Well, hookah smokers and lovers are in for a treat as they can now enjoy it without having the fear to share a mouthpiece with anyone else. Wondering how does it work? Stündenglass makes use of kinetic motion, cascading water and going opposite the airflow technology for pushing out the smoke after the device is flipped once the bottom chamber is filled with water.

The device, its design, look, feel and experience are top-notch and will get people blasted with this new-age gravity-bong. To find out more, follow it on Instagram @studenglass.

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