Chris Robinson: Taking over the world of sneakers like a true blue professional.

The young talent entered the entrepreneurial world for the love of sneakers and now is growing like an influential figure in the industry.

It is always very surreal to know about all those people who work harder each passing day till they reach the position to work smarter and create their unique niche. In a world where competitions across industries is quite tough, getting into the entrepreneurial world and making a name for oneself is a feat only a few have been able to achieve and that too at a very young age. These young talents have shown how it is to be done and how others can go ahead in making it huge in their areas of interest. We came across one such young talent from the US named Chris Robinson, famously known as the SB Collector, whose love for sneakers has only grown over the years, so much so that today he takes pride in calling himself a sneakerhead and sneaker influencer.

From the beginning, if anything that ever attracted Chris Robinson the most, it was the idea to do something in the sneaker world as he felt a deep inclination towards branded shoes and desired to turn this into his profession. That’s what he went ahead in doing and attained great success. Chris Robinson is an Irish and African American from a small town on the Jersey Shore. His humble beginnings helped him learn the value of many things in life. His desire to become successful and attaining great momentum in the sneaker industry allowed him to become an influencer and entrepreneur in the sneaker community.

Today, Chris Robinson is the proud owner of his sneaker store, which he bought in 2011 and now is nearing his decade long journey in the business world. For a young boy with big dreams in his eyes to do something in his area of interest, it takes real guts and determination to create a successful career and Chris Robinson went all out of his comfort zones to start everything from scratch and go ahead in creating his unique niche with his branded Skateshop as a sneaker entrepreneur, SB collector and influencer.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @sbcollector.

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