Ascend Agency: Making people achieve the impossible or unreachable with their robust online PR and marketing services.

The experts in the firm explain easy ways people can show their true selves on social media.

People and buyers feel more connected to brands and businesses when their leadership is active on social media. It has become of essential interest to entrepreneurs and brands to engage with audiences on a personal level and build relations that can drive more interest, awareness and revenue for them. Things have definitely changed in the business world, moreover because of what is today known as a global health pandemic, but they have also changed for the better, where almost everything has become possible with a snap of a finger. People today can know about any brand of their choice from their phones from any corner of the world, such have been the revolutions across the world. The digital media and platforms have become a way of life for most of us and rightfully so for the kind of opportunities it has presented in front of us. This has paved the way for many new agencies and firms specializing in online marketing and PR to come to the forefront and change things for the better for brands and businesses. Ascend Agency from the US has been riding high on success ever since it stepped foot into the PR and branding world and now has become a sought-after firm in the niche.

Today, they share with us a few easy ways entrepreneurs and brands can show their true selves on social media.

  • Be authentic: Profiles on LinkedIn can show people from where you studied and what expertise you hold in your industry and Instagram may show people what you stand for and the like; however, all these platforms do not necessarily share the internal and personal details of you and your brand, its real story, how did it come so far and the struggles it has faced along the journey. Hence, it is recommended to people to be authentic in sharing their journeys through their content and posts on social media platforms, showing people how they built their brand. Sharing great life and business lessons, helps a social media handle gain a human touch and people like to buy from those whom they like and trust.
  • Show kindness: It is essential for entrepreneurs to always give credit where it is due. Whether they thank a few people in their lives because of whom they have reached this position or thank the writer/source of an article while sharing it on social media, kindness goes a long way. These social media posts have the potential to reach your followers and the connections of the people whom you have tagged. Also, be kind enough to respond to people on these mediums or thank them for their feedback.
  • Share more: It is a great idea to keep sharing more insights about your life, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. and in case of brands, they can share how it all began, the failures it saw and the process of working each day at the company. This helps people gain a complete picture of the brands they follow and also keep them intrigued to know more.

Ascend Agency’s powerful team has taken their clients and their brands rise to the top of the search engine, and have given them staggering levels of success in a short period. Find out more about them on Instagram @ascend and website,

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